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If you’re looking for an inspiring yet intense workout then you have come to the right place.

Pilates is one of the safest & most effective exercise methods to improve “core”

strength, body tone & posture. You will feel muscles you never knew you had.

The Pilates Studio is located in Brookvale. Refer to the contact page for details.

All classes are led by Simon Duncan who is highly experienced Fitness Professional

who has been trained in the Studio Pilates ® method.

All classes are mat based (matwork) but incorporate various

pieces of equipment such as Swiss Ball, Pilates Circle, Resistance Bands & Foam Rollers to boost

the intensity of the workout. Class sizes are kept small (9 people max) to ensure

personalised attention is given & if needed modifications can be given.

Exercises can easily be modified (easier to harder) to suit different fitness levels.

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